Our Innovative Solution

Our Innovative Solution

Imagine if every candidate we presented to you had been thoroughly assessed before we submitted them, what benefits would that have? How much easier would your selection process be if you received a video interview with comprehensive candidate benchmarking and behavioural testing, instead of the usual CV? What if you could have all this and much more, for the same cost as your current recruitment service? Would that increase in speed and accuracy of hire, with better retention and saving time and money be a game changer?

Our Solutions

Sonder have combined an award winning candidate assessment and selection process with a project management style recruitment process and delivery approach. The result is truly unique. Previously unheard of levels of hiring accuracy with proven success rates in excess of 96%. But not only do we source, assess and enable you to hire the very best talent we enable you to do it faster and more comprehensively.

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Welcome to the future of recruitment.

At Sonder, we use a bespoke system called i-intro® which is essentially the most advanced candidate assessment and delivery platform available on the market today. It incorporates never seen before levels of candidate insight, so now, not only can we source exceptional talent internationally, we screen, test and assess in the most robust manner possible. The system allows you and any additional stakeholders to login and view selected candidate profiles, via your own unique company profile, with no software license required.

Sonder source, screen and assess. Every short-list comes complete with:

  • CV, we present the original fully comprehensive and unadulterated document for every candidate
  • Profile photo provided by the candidate.
  • Video interview. This can be freestyle or an on-line introduction with pre-set questions submitted by you or by Sonder as your representatives.
  • Candidate insight. A candidate summary and extensive reasons for selection and suitability, salary expectations and availability.
  • Key Competency Questions. Designed by us specific to your organisation to gather additional insight, specifically about the requirement and the challenges inherent within it.
  • Behavioural and Cultural Assessment and job fit interview guide. This is benchmarked against the position internally.
  • Key Facts. Additional information that the candidate feels is relevant.
  • Cross Reference. This includes links to a candidate LinkedIn profile or similar.
  • References.

Once you and any other stakeholders have logged into our unique system, each candidate profile can be reviewed, making notes alongside, which can also be viewed by your colleagues to comment or act upon. You are then able to select for interview, ask questions as well as many other options.

By the very nature of this process, you can be confident that each candidate has completed their profile and each task with your vacancy in mind. Their responses are specific for the role and their focus and engagement is clearly demonstrated.

Sonder is the future of recruitment today.
Make it the future of your business

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