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Are your recruiters meeting your candidates? If not why not?

Are your recruiters meeting the candidates they screen and interview for you? If not why are you accepting this as a practice?

A couple of posts on LinkedIn this week have helped to highlight a practice which I consider professionally negligent in the recruitment industry. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that recruiters are simply not meeting their candidates. Let me add some definition to this point.

In the age, we live in there is justifiably no requirement for people to take a couple of hours out of their day to travel into the city or across town to meet face to face with a recruiter. It’s a wonderful nice to have experience if it has value and everyone knows there is merit in the process and I'm the first to agree that if you can find somewhere discrete there is nothing better than getting together over a coffee. But generally, as a rule for me it is a nice to have. But then most of my candidates are overseas and whilst I’d love to spend my life as Mr Jet Set Recruiter accruing thousands of air miles it just isn’t practical. However, the absolute minimum alternative is that you meet your candidate on-line. There are so many options in terms of video calling and conferencing. If you are screening, interviewing and engaging your prospective candidates then get them up on a video call.  It isn’t just about both of you seeing the whites of each other’s eyes and developing a more meaningful relationship (although this is important of course), it’s about seeing how they respond to certain questions and statements. It’s that moment when their eyes light up at something you convey about an opportunity. I absolutely love it when I get into the exciting detail when I can see my prospective candidate illuminate with excitement. When they talk about their team and how they develop culture in their organisations and they begin to gesticulate or become particularly animated about their subject. 

Similarly I'm pretty sure that candidates likes this as well. They want to see your emotions when you tell them about an opportunity. Believe it or not many candidates are just as experience when it comes to reading body language and emotional behaviours. They want to know you are sincere when you tell them that this is a truly outstanding opportunity. It makes you more professional, it helps them build trust with you.

All this stuff is invaluable. Video gives so much more than a mere phone call. There really is no excuse. As a candidate, you should demand it, as a hiring company you should expect this from your recruiters, as a recruitment firm you should have this as a mandatory KPI and implement it into your screening process.

Blatant self-plug here. Sonder Retail Associates video screen and interview every candidate before selecting them for our short-list. The vast majority of the work we do is internationally focused, in the average day I probably travel 3,000 miles via the web. Then our candidates develop a bespoke video introduction to present themselves in their own words and explain why they want this position and how it meets their aspirations. We share this with our clients. It gives the candidates a voice, it’s significantly more powerful than a mere CV and a few paragraphs drafted by a recruiter to introduce the candidate. This is a superb process that provides huge levels of buy-in and insight. 

Look at one element of our solution here. Supported by our state of the art inbound and outbound sourcing strategy, internal and external cultural assessment and behavioural profiling, professionally developed advertising and copy writing approach this is probably the most comprehensive recruitment process in the industry. It’s the most comprehensive in the retail sector that is for sure.


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