It’s all about you

Sonder Retail Associates have re-invented the hiring strategy.

We don’t just recruit for our clients, we become an extension of your strategic management team, emulating your vision to ensure that we enable you to achieve your goals and growth aspirations.

Our exciting approach incorporates fully defined project focused hiring assignments that include:

  • Detailed internal appraisal and consultancy to define your requirements and thus identify the optimum hiring strategy.
  • Professional and creative advertising briefs, developed with copywriters, either confidential or co-branded to maximise success. Our advertising is fresh, bold and attractive, setting us apart from mainstream recruiters. We work hard to identify the right media to ensure maximum exposure and ROI to reach the people you need. True stars!
  • Target defined research on an international basis, enabling us to identify and reach out to the very best talent.
  • We have a comprehensive social media recruitment strategy to ensure that your vacancy reaches the widest possible audience virtually, 24/7.
  • Our professionally designed briefing and presentation documents incorporate your company identity, telling the story of your organisation.
  • Sonder has a unique candidate assessment process that includes video introductions, candidate assessment, psychometric testing internally against the organisational culture and the specific role and externally against each candidate to assess their suitability.
  • Extensive candidate interviewing, briefing and preparation.
  • Interview management and selection, leaving you to focus on the people and not the process.

So what makes Sonder different?

There are no short cuts to excellent recruitment. Everything we do from start to finish is done in collaboration and with professionals, defining our advertising, making it vibrant and truly representative of who you are. Importantly, our fresh approach ensures every person will be left with a positive and long lasting impression of your organisation.

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