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Nick Gowens

Managing Director

Nick Gowens was the founder and chief executive officer of ShopperTrak RCT Limited who has enjoyed a career spanning 30 years in major retail analytics and retail solutions companies. Nick has experience of building organisations, hiring quality winning teams and developing opportunities within the retail technology analytics and technology space across new and emerging markets. Nick brings extensive industry knowledge to Sonder.

Darren Ledger

Commercial Director

Darren Ledger is a career recruiter with more than 25 years’ experience across the EMEA region, delivering executive search, team building and talent acquisition strategies to a broad range of international organisations. Darren’s talent has successfully delivered complete acquisition strategies for diverse organisations and a raft of boutique technology focused venture capital companies. During the last 10 years, Darren has made in excess of 200 critical hires across the EMEA region, for retail technology companies, enabling organisations to realise new opportunities in new markets with the minimum of risk.

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